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Museumnacht Amsterdam


On Saturday 4th of November, more than 50 Amsterdam based museums will be open from 7 pm until 2 am for the annual Museum Night. Apart from seeing the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions there is plenty more to see and do, also for non-Dutch visitors. For this 18th edition you can enjoy live music, DJ's, dance, performances, film, special tours and food & drinks in the many museums of the city. For the Museum Night you buy a ticket, which gives you entrance to the more than 50 museums on November 4th. With the wristband that you'll receive as soon as you enter your first museum, you're able to pay 1 free extra visit to one of the Museums that accept the Museumkaart (with exception of Diamant Museum, Koninklijk Paleis, Artis, Micropia en Museum tot Zover) from sunday November 5th until December 31st 2017.

Museum Night is organised by N8 | Stichting Museumnacht Amsterdam. We are a local event geared specifically towards a young local audience. While everybody is welcome, our payment options reflect our target audience. So payments via credit cards or other international payment methods or foreign currency are not enabled.

For more info, visit the Museum Night website